Increase the Lifespan of Your Vehicle With Car Detailing Services in Bentleigh

The life of your vehicle depends on how well it’s taken care of. Though vehicle maintenance is very important to keep the car running, it’s also important to keep your car clean and free of scratches. Ministry of Detailing is your trusted local car detailer in Bentleigh providing comprehensive car detailing services at pocket-friendly prices.

Whether you want to remove the odour from your vehicle permanently or add a protective coating for your vehicle, we’re the right team for the job. Our team of experienced staff will apply their experience and knowledge to the fullest while working on your vehicle. We only use the best quality products on your vehicle.

To keep your car’s surface shiny and scratch-free, we recommend ceramic coating as the ideal option. It will also act as a protective layer for the car’s paint. Our car paint protection services can save you a lot of money in the future on paintwork.

Get Car Detailing Services at Affordable Prices

At Ministry of Detailing, we provide an exceptional array of services at affordable prices, like:

  • Car steam clean
  • Cut and polish
  • Car hand polish
  • Ceramic coating
  • Car paint protection
  • Car interior detailing
  • Motorbike wash
  • Boat detailing
  • Car vacuum
  • Car seat cleaning
  • Car presale detailing
  • Car wax
  • Car clay wash
  • Car leather cleaning
  • Car odour removing
  • Car wash
  • Car interior clean
  • Car engine wash
  • Car scratch removal
  • Car sticker removal

You can count on us for exceptional car interior detailing services. Instead of being hidden under strong chemicals, the odour will be eliminated and your car will smell fresh and pleasant. You can also count on us for boat and motorbike detailing services. Our experience in detailing helps us tackle any issue you have with your car’s appearance.

If you plan to bring your car often, become a member today! You’ll get to enjoy many benefits when you have our car wash membership. Call us today on 0468 392 508 for more details. You can also schedule an appointment with us when you need car detailing services.

Ministry of Detailing