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Interior Car Cleaning in Melbourne

Get ready to give your car the treatment it truly deserves with car interior detailing in Melbourne. Instead of waiting outside a car wash, why not choose car detailing services?

At Ministry of Detailing, we offer a wide range of interior detailing services. If you want to get your car cleaned or want to improve its performance, our services are the perfect fit for you. Our professional spends a little extra time catering to your needs and restoring your car to its best condition.

So, whether you want the experience of driving a new car or simply want more comfort, everything is possible with our services. We help our client rejuvenate their cars with our high-end cleaning and detailing services.

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Your car is one of the most crucial investments in your life.

Why Interior Car Cleaning In Melbourne Is Important?

Your car is one of the most crucial investments in your life. If you want to improve its performance or simply want to get it professionally cleaned from inside and outside, we can help.

Our detailing car services include a more elaborated process of cleaning, polishing and restoring cars of all makes and models. Accumulation of dust and debris can affect your engine’s performance, the uncleaned car’s interiors can also deteriorate its performance.

To handle such issues, our experts have designed car interior detailing in Melbourne to restore vehicles by eliminating surface contaminants. From deep cleaning to interior vacuuming, we make sure to cover every component of your vehicle.

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How Car Interior Detailing Services Can Help?

Your vehicle’s interiors are as much important as the exteriors. In order to ensure a smooth and seamless driving experience, Ministry of Detailing offers the services of interior car cleaning in Melbourne. We are well equipped with the cleaning tools and supplies required to access hard-to-reach spots and restore your car’s interiors.

It is possible to keep your vehicle in a good condition with our detailing car services. If you are planning to sell your car, we can help you increase its value. Our detailing services will help you make a good impression on the potential buyer.

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Features Of Interior Detailing Steam Cleaning Services

  • Removes interior car stains
  • Protects car surfaces and upholstery
  • Prevent dust and debris accumulation
  • Increases car’s resale value
  • Creates a lustrous gloss finish on windows
  • Keeps the car in pristine condition

Looking for an effective way to get your car cleaned and sanitized? At Ministry of Detailing, we offer the services of car steam cleaning in Melbourne. With the help of the latest technology and cleaning equipment, we combine both heat and pressure to generate satisfactory cleaning results.

Our methods are 100% efficient and safe, unlike traditional car washes. The use of steam ensures there is no chemical residue or waste water left behind. From your car’s interiors to vents and bodywork, we make sure no spot is left untouched. Besides steam cleaning, we also specialise in interior detailing and car sticker removals.

Every steam cleaning service is specifically designed to remove even the most stubborn stains and unpleasant odours. We do not use any harmful cleaning chemicals and prevents the growth of bacteria, germs and mound in your car.

Why Choose Car Steam Cleaning In Melbourne?

Steam cleaning your car is one of the easiest and most popular ways in Melbourne. Whether it’s the dirty interiors or exteriors of your car, our cleaning services cover all areas and aspects of your car.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning:

  • Leaves no toxic residue behind
  • Eliminates bad odour
  • Freshens up the fabrics and surfaces

With the steam cleaning services, we strive to transform the appearance of your car and make it look new. Steam cleaning not only limits the use of water but also works on almost types of components of the vehicle.

When you choose our steam clean services, you know your car is in safe and professional hands.

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Our Clients Say

Humanity SamHumanity Sam
10:03 30 Dec 22
This car wash is extremely the right place to get your car look like stock. The staff are amazing and the boss, Ahmed is a lovely man with great experience of car issues and knows how to fix them. He is literally conscious of what the paint is made of and what it consists of. Ahmed gives his customers advices on how to look after your car and serves his customers in a comfortable place under a cooling system with drinks.I really recommend this place.
Ella Burton-TaylorElla Burton-Taylor
07:07 07 Dec 22
Absolutely incredible car washers! So detailed and thorough, the car looked brand new. I went to the St Kilda store. Washers work so hard and do such an amazing job. I highly recommend!!!
Kerri MetterKerri Metter
22:51 22 Jul 22
This is hands down the best car clean I have ever had. It literally looks brand new again. Not one dog hair remaining which is incredible considering both my doggies are light colour and my car is black. It had been a while since my last car clean and I was so impressed with the quality and the overall customer service here is 5 stars! Thank you so much.
Bee TeeBee Tee
07:08 10 Jul 22
These guys know their stuff when it comes to detailing cars!I couldn't be happier with the amount of care and effort that was put into a full detail for my black car. Came in with paint defects, hazing, swirl marks and left looking showroom.. Definitely exceeded my expectations! Il always use Ministry Of Detailing
Jacinta SilvaJacinta Silva
06:45 17 Dec 21
I took my car to Ministry of Detailing in Bentleigh East today for a cut and polish/exterior detail. I had high expectations after reading the google reviews and I was not disappointed. I bought my metallic blue Pajero Sport a couple of weeks ago second hand and the paint was trashed. Worst swirls I’ve ever seen, covered in scuffs, huge stone chips all over the bonnet and paint so dull you could barely tell it was metallic. When I went to pick up my car I almost couldn’t believe it was the same car I dropped off. Swirls now non-existent, most scuffs and scratches gone or barely noticeable, paint chips filled in (I provided the touch up paint) and the car was so shiny! They also cleaned my rims, painted the tyres black, scrubbed the side steps and so on. I couldn’t be happier and so proud to be driving aroundin a car that looks cared for, thank you so much! (Before and after photos posted)