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When it Comes to the Best Shine, We are the Ceramic Coating Specialist

Have you ever really stopped and appreciated just how good some cars look?  Smooth paintwork, shiny surfaces, the way those sleek edges look almost like liquid in the right light.

Getting this look can come down to a simple wash, anything looks good after it’s been freshly cleaned. The thing with that is, it doesn’t take long for the thing to get dirty again – especially cars.

Cars drive at high speeds in heavy traffic and weather conditions, crowded by the exhaust fumes and dust kicked up by the wind or by other vehicles, rain making your car the perfect sticky surface to cling to all the debris while the unforgiving sun dries it onto your precious vehicle. Next thing you know your car is caked in dirt and grime, your paint job rendered dull and lifeless, and your vehicle shining about as much as a brick.

Why not bring your car down for a ceramic coating? We aren’t talking pottery here. A ceramic coating consists of washing your car from top to bottom, making sure every piece of caked grit and dirt is scrubbed out of your car and your paint job is smoothed out and buffed up. Then, we, at Ministry of Detailing apply a thin coating of a ceramic and liquid glass mixture to your vehicle, before wiping away excess and curing it. The result of this treatment is a glorious sheen that will last for years, not to mention that the ceramic and silicate solution offers protection from small pieces of grime and grit in the future. Sound like the thing for you? For a car ceramic coating in Melbourne, you won’t find better than Ministry of Detailing. Contact us below or call us on 0468 392 508 today to organise your ceramic coating!

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