Budget-Friendly Car Detailing Services in Ashwood​

If you’re looking for affordable car detailing services, Ministry of Detailing is the place to go to. With experienced car detailers and top-of-the-line tools and equipment, we’re the trusted shop car owners when it comes to the best car detailing and car wash service near Ashwood. We’ll revitalize your car and will make it look like new in no time. You can also rely on us when you need to protect the paint of your vehicle. Adding a car paint protection film (PPF) is essential to retain the gloss of the car’s paint. If not covered properly, the paint can get damaged due to dirt, UV rays, or scratches, and dents. With a PPF, the paint remains protected even when you have a shallow scratch or dent on your car. We also specialise in adding ceramic coating on vehicles. Ceramic coating adds a glossier look to your vehicle and protects the paint from scratches and oxidization. We only use the best quality ceramic coating on your vehicle – it lasts longer and also bonds well with the factory coating.

Trust Our Professionals When You Need the Best Car Wash

Choose us for all your car detailing needs! Our services include:
  •  Car steam clean                                          Cut and polish                               Car hand polish
  •  Ceramic coating                                         Car paint protection                     Car interior detailing
  •  Car vacuum                                                 Car seat cleaning                           Car presale detailing
  •  Car clay wash                                             Car leather cleaning                     Car odour removing
  •  Car wash                                                      Car interior clean                          Car engine wash
  •  Car scratch removal                                  Car sticker removal
Though many car owners prefer washing their own car, it’s best to give your car a thorough wash with the help of professionals. We use all the right products that will not harm the upholstery or surface of your vehicle’s interior and also maintain the vehicle’s freshness. If you have any questions, feel free to call us on 0468 392 508 and speak to one of our friendly representatives. You can also schedule an appointment with us for car detailing in Ashwood.
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