Exceptional Car Wash and Paint Protection Services in Oakleigh​

Take great care of your car by trusting it with the dependable team of the Ministry of Detailing when you need car detailing services at affordable prices in Oakleigh. From your basic hand car wash to complete paint protection application, you can count on us to work on them all. Our team of dedicated and focused car detailers will make sure that your car looks like new when we’re done with our work. For the best car wash and the best car detailing service, we only use top-quality products on your vehicle. If you want to maintain the look of your new car for a long period, we also have various cost-effective coating solutions to protect your car’s surface.

Complete Interior and Exterior Car Detailing Services for Your Vehicle

Our car detailing services include interior and exterior car cleaning services. We’ll ensure that your car has long-lasting freshness on the inside with a shiny surface on the outside. Any bad odour will be eliminated from your vehicle.
  •  Car steam clean                                          Cut and polish                               Car hand polish
  •  Ceramic coating                                         Car paint protection                     Car interior detailing
  •  Car vacuum                                                 Car seat cleaning                           Car presale detailing
  •  Car clay wash                                             Car leather cleaning                     Car odour removing
  •  Car wash                                                      Car interior clean                          Car engine wash
  •  Car scratch removal                                  Car sticker removal
If you’re planning to sell your vehicle, increasing its resale value to the maximum is the best option. Our car detailing in Oakleigh will help you in this aspect. We provide a comprehensive car presale detailing service which will make it look as good as new. You will receive the best car detailing service where every part of your vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned, and we’ll prepare your vehicle for sale. You can call us on 0468 392 508 for more details or schedule an appointment with us for car detailing and car wash in Oakleigh.
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