Odour Removal


Enjoy a Pleasant-Smelling Car With Our Odour Removal Services In Melbourne​

No one likes to enter a car that has an awful odour. On the other hand, people tend to be happier when they enter a car that has a pleasant fragrance. Maintain the fresh-smelling fragrance of your car with odour removal services from Ministry of Auto Detailing.

 Odour can develop in a car due to many reasons – food spills on the seat, pet odour, accidents made by pets or muddy and dirty boots. These odours retain within the interior of the car over a period of time, decreasing the freshness of the car. Get rid of this odour by visiting us for our car odour removal services.

When we work on your car, we’ll not add any pleasant-smelling fragrance to mask the odour for a few hours, but we’ll instead wash the interior of your car to completely get rid of the smell. All the seating upholstery and the carpets within your car will be shampooed thoroughly.

Our detail-oriented staff will use only products that are suitable for the fabric within the car to clean the interiors so that no damage occurs to it. Your car will return to its original pleasant fragrance once we’re done with our work.

Reach out to us when you need car odour removal services. You can call us on 0468 392 508 if you have any questions or visit our auto detailing shop in Melbourne

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