Paint Correction Cut Polish

Choose Us for Excellent Cut and Polish Services for Your Car In Melbourne​

Does your car look dull or lacklustre in appearance? If it is, it’s time for a good polish! Drive by Ministry of Detailing today and restore the lustre of your vehicle in no time. At our auto detailing shop, we provide cut and polish services for your car to restore its original beauty.

Over time, an oxidised layer might form over your car, making it look dull and lifeless as it covers the original fresh layer of your vehicle. To remove this layer and the various scratches that might have occurred on the paint of your vehicle, “cutting” the layer would be the best option. 

At Ministry of Detailing, we use the right cutting compound to “cut” the oxidised layer above, revealing the fresh, shiny layer underneath. You can trust us to use the right grit size depending on the oxidised layer to be removed.

In case your car just has some scratches and does not require cutting, we also provide car hand polishing services to create a flat, defect-free layer. This will make your car look elegant and will also not harm the protective layer on it. 

Since cutting isn’t always recommended for the car, contact our knowledgeable car detailers on 0468 392 508. We’ll inspect your car and let you know if it needs cutting, polishing, or waxing in Melbourne.

from $250