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If your car has severely noticeable deficiencies in its paint job, a cut and polish could be just what the doctor ordered.

Though it can sound somewhat harsh, the term “cut and polish” isn’t really literal…well, aside from the “polish” part, at least. When we say “cut” what we actually mean is more akin to sanding, but even that’s a little harsh for what it actually is.

When you get your car a cut and polish job, we will use a very special buffing compound that whittles away at the topmost layer of your car’s paint. This layer, having been subjected to being assaulted with grit while driving, oxidisation, and the weather, is likely laden with scratches and imperfections. The “cutting” stage of this process grinds all those imperfections down, creating a single, smooth surface of healthy paint. Once this is done, we use a polishing compound to really give your car a good buffing. When the polishing is done, your car will look the best it’s’ ever been, and all those scratches, bumps, and stains of time will be gone and forgotten. Although it does result in beautiful appearances, a cut and polish isn’t always recommended. To find out if a cut and polish would be a good match for your car, contact us below, or call us on 0468 392 508.

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car cut and polish melbourne
car cut and polish melbourne
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