Paint Protection


Protect Your Car with Our Professional Paint Protection Service In Melbourne​

When you frequently use your car, your car’s paint gets exposed to the dust, dirt, scratches, and ultraviolet rays, making it difficult to maintain the original shine and paint of the car. Protect your car’s paint from these external elements with proper paint protection from Ministry of Detailing.

Having been in the auto detailing business for years, we’re your trusted source when you need paint protection for your vehicle. You’ll get top-quality paint protection that’s second to none. We use the latest technology to ensure that your car paint is protected not only from the external elements like UV rays and dirt, but also from scratches and abrasion.

Acting as an additional layer over the car paint, it protects the paint thoroughly and maintains the fresh look of the paint. Moreover, with paint protection, it’s easier for you to get your car cleaned as the dirt won’t stick to your car. With our protection coating application, you won’t find any crease on the coating.

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