Increase Resale Value of Your Vehicle With Car Detailing Services in Prahran​

If you’re planning to sell your car, prepare it before selling with pre-sale detailing work. The experts at Ministry of Detailing have hands-on experience providing the best car detailing services in the Prahran area to all types of vehicles. With our pre-sale detailing, your car will look as good as new and will also increase its resale value. You can also get both mini and complete car detailing services when you visit our shop. Bring your car to our detailing shop and let our experienced detailers take care of the rest. We also provide car paint protection and car wash services to Prahran car owners. To get your vehicle spick and span in no time, rely on us for car cleaning services. Our car cleaning services are priced based on the type of car you have. From vacuuming to hand car wash, our car cleaning services include all. Call us for more details!

Get a Car Paint Protection Film to Retain Your Vehicle’s Beauty

Our car detailing job entails a broad range of services apart from those mentioned above. Some of them are:
  •  Car steam clean                                          Cut and polish                               Car hand polish
  •  Ceramic coating                                         Car paint protection                     Car interior detailing
  •  Car vacuum                                                 Car seat cleaning                           Car presale detailing
  •  Car clay wash                                             Car leather cleaning                     Car odour removing
  •  Car wash                                                      Car interior clean                          Car engine wash
  •  Car scratch removal                                  Car sticker removal
When you frequently use your car, it is bound to be exposed to the harsh external elements like dust, dirt, and UV rays. To prevent your car’s paint from becoming dull and lifeless, get either a car paint protection film or ceramic coating from us. This additional layer will protect your vehicle from external elements and makes it easier to clean your car. Get in touch with us today for all your auto detailing needs. Contact us on 0468 392 508 schedules an appointment or drive to our shop for car detailing and car wash services in Prahran.
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