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Stickers that Cringe? Scratches that Ruin Aesthetics? No Problem

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We’re all young at some point. Maybe you’re young now but were younger at a different point in time. And maybe during that point in time you were tragically into something that now just makes you embarrassed. Maybe one day you went to your car and as the sunlight hit it just right, you noticed the plethora of scratches sprinkled all over your car’s once-beautiful paint job. 

Either way, the Ministry of Detailing is here to help. Our car scratch removal is a specialised service aimed at restoring the appearance of a vehicle by eliminating unsightly scratches and imperfections on the paint surface. We also offer car sticker removal to keep your car spick and span.  

We are dedicated to offering car sticker removal services that include removing all types of graphics using a 100% safe method. We use only the best in compounds and tools to ensure that our car sticker removal is quick, and painless, minimising damage and guaranteeing that any stickers that were causing you grief won’t leave any evidence that they were even there. 

For our car scratch repairs in Melbourne, professional technicians utilise specialised tools, techniques, and products to address scratches of varying depths and sizes. 

Car Scratch Repairs Melbourne

Why Choose Us?

Over the years, our experts have successfully developed safe and effective techniques for removing car decals. We combine our knowledge and expertise to ensure the graphics are properly removed from the car. If you need assistance with car window sticker removal, we can help. We understand the complications involved with removing stickers and vinyl from your car. That’s why we develop a tailored plan for professional removal without damaging the paintwork of your car. We also make sure to eliminate any adhesive residue or glue marks from the surface. 

Not to mention our scratch removal service! As part of our car scratch removal, professional technicians use various techniques and products to carefully assess and treat different types of scratches, from light surface marks to deeper gouges. 

With the removal of stickers, minor surface scratches are inevitable. Not only will we remove these during the sticker removal process, but we can handle any scratches on your car, ensuring you get that brand-new glow that your car deserves. If you want to remove bumper stickers or Scratches that want to eradicate? Ministry of Detailing has the skill and tools to make it happen. Contact us using the form below or call us on 468 392 508 for any enquiries, or make a booking. 

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Car Scratch Removal Melbourne

If you are a careful driver, there are still chances that your car may have a few scratches here and there. Even the most minor dents or marks can affect the way your car looks. If you want to improve the appearance of your vehicle and make it look new again, go for car scratch removal in Melbourne. 

Our car scratch removal not only enhances the overall aesthetics of the vehicle but also helps to protect against further paint deterioration and rust formation. 

We at the Ministry of Detailing understand all about the car damages caused by collisions and bumps. We have the best industry professionals who will be able to repair your car and quickly remove any signs of a scratch dent. Before a dent leads to corrosion, we highly recommend you consult with us and get your car professionally restored.  

We don’t want you to compromise on your safety which is why we offer high-end car scratch removal in Melbourne. When your car is free of any stains or dents, it will increase its resale value. However, if you’re not planning to sell your car anytime soon, you can enjoy a seamless driving experience. With our car scratch repair, you won’t be able to if your car ever endured wear and tear. 

Benefits Of Choosing Our Car Scratch Repair Services in Melbourne

When it comes to car scratch removal, no one can offer you better services than the Ministry of Detailing. We make sure to get the job done on time without causing any disruptions to your routine. 

By investing in the Ministry of Detailing’s car scratch repairs in Melbourne, you can regain the original beauty of your car and enjoy a flawless finish that will make it look as good as new. 

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Our Clients Say

Humanity SamHumanity Sam
10:03 30 Dec 22
This car wash is extremely the right place to get your car look like stock. The staff are amazing and the boss, Ahmed is a lovely man with great experience of car issues and knows how to fix them. He is literally conscious of what the paint is made of and what it consists of. Ahmed gives his customers advices on how to look after your car and serves his customers in a comfortable place under a cooling system with drinks.I really recommend this place.
Ella Burton-TaylorElla Burton-Taylor
07:07 07 Dec 22
Absolutely incredible car washers! So detailed and thorough, the car looked brand new. I went to the St Kilda store. Washers work so hard and do such an amazing job. I highly recommend!!!
Kerri MetterKerri Metter
22:51 22 Jul 22
This is hands down the best car clean I have ever had. It literally looks brand new again. Not one dog hair remaining which is incredible considering both my doggies are light colour and my car is black. It had been a while since my last car clean and I was so impressed with the quality and the overall customer service here is 5 stars! Thank you so much.
Bee TeeBee Tee
07:08 10 Jul 22
These guys know their stuff when it comes to detailing cars!I couldn't be happier with the amount of care and effort that was put into a full detail for my black car. Came in with paint defects, hazing, swirl marks and left looking showroom.. Definitely exceeded my expectations! Il always use Ministry Of Detailing
Jacinta SilvaJacinta Silva
06:45 17 Dec 21
I took my car to Ministry of Detailing in Bentleigh East today for a cut and polish/exterior detail. I had high expectations after reading the google reviews and I was not disappointed. I bought my metallic blue Pajero Sport a couple of weeks ago second hand and the paint was trashed. Worst swirls I’ve ever seen, covered in scuffs, huge stone chips all over the bonnet and paint so dull you could barely tell it was metallic. When I went to pick up my car I almost couldn’t believe it was the same car I dropped off. Swirls now non-existent, most scuffs and scratches gone or barely noticeable, paint chips filled in (I provided the touch up paint) and the car was so shiny! They also cleaned my rims, painted the tyres black, scrubbed the side steps and so on. I couldn’t be happier and so proud to be driving aroundin a car that looks cared for, thank you so much! (Before and after photos posted)
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