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Stickers that Cringe? Scratches that Ruin Aesthetics? No Problem

Trust Us for Car Scratch Repairs and Sticker Removal Services In Melbourne​

We’re all young at some point. Maybe you’re young now but were younger at a different point in time. And maybe during that point in time you were tragically into something that now just makes you embarrassed.

Maybe one day you went to your car and as the sunlight hit it just right, you noticed the plethora of scratches sprinkled all over your car’s once-beautiful paint job.

Either way, Ministry of Detailing is here to help.

We use only the best in compounds and tools to ensure that our car sticker removal is quick, and painless, minimizing damage and guaranteeing that any stickers that were causing you grief won’t leave any evidence that they were even there.

Not to mention our scratch removal service! With the removal of stickers, minor surface scratches are inevitable. Not only will we remove these during the sticker removal process, but we can handle any scratches on your car, ensuring you get that brand new glow that your car deserves. Got stickers that need removing? Scratches that want eradicating? Ministry of Detailing has the skill and tools to make it happen. Contact us using the form below, or call us on 0468 392 508 for any enquiries, or to make a booking.

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