Quick and Timely Car Detailing Services in Windsor

If you have frequently used your car, it might have many chips or scratches caused by small rocks or debris on the road. In case it has many scratches, bring it to the Ministry of Detailing today for car detailing work. Our professional and experienced detailers will restore the look of your car and make it look like new. We serve Windsor and the surrounding suburbs in the East Victoria region.

You can prevent scratches from appearing on your vehicle in the future with our car paint protection services. We will apply a car paint protection film over the paint to protect it from minor scratches, harsh UV rays, and dust and dirt. You can also go for a ceramic coating for your vehicle to give it a glossier look.

Apart from these, we also provide car detailing services like a hand car wash and car vacuuming. You can opt for a mini or a complete detailing package, depending on your requirement. Get your car thoroughly steam cleaned and give it a fresh and pleasant feel.

Experienced Car Detailers to Restore Your Vehicle’s Appearance

Ministry of Detailing is the ideal choice when it comes to our detailing services as we provide an extensive range of services, like:

  • Car steam clean
  • Cut and polish
  • Car hand polish
  • Ceramic coating
  • Car paint protection
  • Car interior detailing
  • Motorbike wash
  • Boat detailing
  • Car vacuum
  • Car seat cleaning
  • Car presale detailing
  • Car wax
  • Car clay wash
  • Car leather cleaning
  • Car odour removing
  • Car wash
  • Car interior clean
  • Car engine wash
  • Car scratch removal
  • Car sticker removal

With hands-on experience in car detailing and the right tools and equipment at their disposal, our reliable and professional detailers have the expertise to do the job right and within the specified time. You’ll get value for money when you choose us for the job as our quality of service is second to none.

You can also get a car wash membership from us and receive many benefits from it. Call us on 0468 392 508 to schedule an appointment or drive to our shop if you reside in the Oakleigh, Bentleigh, Brighton, Hampton, Ashwood, Toorak, South Yarra Prahran, or Windsor suburb.

Ministry of Detailing